NOTICE!!! Change to the Extra Credit Component

In order to receive the extra credit, each notebook MUST contain a CRAFTED, DEVELOPED (for an audience) two-page spread. This spread can be comprised of whatever medium or subject matter you prefer—as long as it is school appropriate.

I am NOT asking you to PICK two pages out of your notebook; I am asking you to SPECIFICALLY CREATE a two-page spread that you will share with the website audience.

Each two-page spread will be showcased on here under the name of the author.

CONTEST!!! Paperstax Awards Episode II

The blank page is your wall. What will you inscribe there?

Bring me a “wall” (2 page spread) that illustrates what Paperstax is to you by Friday, February 28th. I will photograph your “wall” and host it on the websites. The person who gains the most likes on Facebook, Instagram AND Twitter will win a nice package of goodies to be announced as the contest proceeds. (If you follow the sites you’ll find some clues.)

I’m looking forward to getting your thoughts.