So this happened…


Thanks to all the support this project has received from friends, donors, Field Notes Brand and Word Notebooks–and especially Ryan Pflasterer at Inkwell’s Press, the first edition of Paperstax Project notebooks is almost here!

These notebooks are 48 pages of 80# French Poptone in plain (unlined) white inside 100# French card stock in Blacktop.

Fountain Pen writers should be happy with them. 😉

When I first began the Paperstax Project, it was with the goal in mind that we would have a viable, quality product that would help us (through sales) to fund donating materials and curriculum to projects working with youth–especially in areas where the arts are underfunded.

Over the past year, we received great support from Field Notes Brand (Thank you Michelle) and Word Notebooks (Thank you Brenda) and that support helped us to imagine and design a product that we hope will let us continue building our dream:

To inspire growth through reflection, creation and sharing,

I am proud to say that with the help of our Director of Impressions, Penn Aragon, Paperstax Project and Inkwell’s Press have created the first edition in a long line of editions to come. We have plans for consistent growth, and we are working to see those plans come to fruition.

This has been a big undertaking, and while it seems like forever to me, it has only been 15 months since the Paperstax Project was originated.

We look forward to what the next months will bring!

Thank you again for all your support.

And to all the students who have been involved, thank you for being willing to challenge yourselves and share your growth. This is about YOU!

Jason Crespo
Founder and Board President